Playback Mode Once not working

Sven posted Dec 24 '21, 22:18:

HI everybody,

i have "Korg Nano Pad" connected to my Raspi. My sounds are "one shot" samples. I want to press the button and the sample should play from start to end and ignoring standard note-off. But it only plays the Sample while pressing the Midi-pad-button.

My definition.txt looks like that:

*%notename.wav, %mode=Once

What is Wrong in my configuration?

HansEhv posted Dec 25 '21, 15:09:

Looks good.
What image are you using / where did you download.

Sven posted Dec 26 '21, 19:50:

I downloaded the image under „make it“ with the newest version Release date: 2021-11-19 (NEW)

HansEhv posted Dec 26 '21, 21:54:

OK, that image supports features documented on this site.

The special modes are supported by my and Alex's fork; you need to use the image corresponding to the docs.
You can find more info at the FAQ "I see more appearances of Samplerbox and get lost a bit.." on the first page has an explanation of the different versions (you may have found the %mode docs also on Alex's site and prefer that one).

Sven posted Dec 27 '21, 21:50:

Thank u for this helpful post. Now I have loaded this image: from

Now only one Sample plays on a other Pad since before. The "08 Phone c2.wav" is playing on the "old" c1 Pad. I am Confused.

01 Alarm c1.wav
02 Alarm-2 d1.wav
03 Bell e1.wav
04 Alarm d#1.wav
04 Jupiter f#1.wav
05 Venus g#1.wav
06 Theme a#1.wav
08 Phone c2.wav
09 Titan a1.wav
10 Hydrus g1.wav
11 ZERO d#2.wav
12 ZERO c#2.wav


HansEhv posted Dec 28 '21, 02:04:

On the forum on the homspace site there is also a forum, where you may get help on the version you're using now.
Please follow the guidelines=hints on how to post in order to enable others to help as they are not in your situation and don't know what a "c1 pad" is and whether the other 11 samples now behave alright (= make sound in the correct mode) etc etc.
I don't want to pollute this original forum with posts regarding a version not supported here.


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