How the Piano samples triggered?

Leo posted Feb 22 '20, 22:28:

I am planning to build my own standalone keyboard with samplerbox. All I really want is the piano and I've been searching online demo but there's no enough information about it. So I have this question in my mind since I already check the samples from Salamander Grand Piano and all of the samples are sustained. So my question is, if I play one note does it play sustained without sustain pedal?


HansEhv posted Feb 24 '20, 12:44:

A piano sustains the note as long as the key is pressed and damps when key is lifted except when sustain pedal is pressed. Midi works exactly the same. Samplerbox obeys midi standard by default.

Leo posted Feb 24 '20, 17:13:

Thank you for your reply HansEhv


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