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Daniel posted Sep 18 '15, 00:10:

I want to use the SampleBox only for sampling Loops. If I only copy some loops, like 8, in the Folder it works. But if I copy a lot like 30 or so in the Folder it dosn´t work. Hmm,..I don´t know. Is it possible to loop a lot of different Loops and different Noises out of one folder with a Keyboard?

Sorry for my bad english, is not my native language. ;-)

Thank you for this awesome Project!!

Mirco posted Sep 19 '15, 14:12:

Hi Daniele
Is steange, about loop do you mean a WAV file in loop ? I had many WAV in one folder and i didnt have any problemi. Please could you attach an example of folder contenta andò definizione.txt file ?

Mirco posted Sep 19 '15, 14:14:

Sorry but automatic correction words of my phone is crazy ....

Daniel posted Sep 20 '15, 01:51:

Hello Mirco
Thanks for your answer. I tried it just again and it works perfect with about 30 .wav loop samples. I dont know what i did wrong the last time! So what,..i'm happy. I named the Files like 36,37,38,... without a text file.
Keep on making music!!
Greetz Daniel

Mirco posted Sep 20 '15, 11:02:

Great Daniel
Happy music


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