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Alex posted Mar 16 '20, 14:26:

Hi, I'm new to raspberry pi and other things, but I decided to build this project. I have a very old MIDI keyboard Quickshot midi composer. It only has MIDI and gameport, but no usb. I bought a raspberry pi 1 model b, put together a MIDI circuit, and connected the keyboard. No matter how many times I switch modes in the keyboard, its modes, nothing works. I tried to output audio to the headphone port, and to the monitor via hdmi. I double-checked the diagram several times. I tried different samples and different usb sticks. SamplerBox loads and I log in with my password and username, but nothing happens on the screen after that. Should there appear any data (when you click on the MIDI keyboard, or when you click the + / - sample buttons)? How can I find out what the problem is(keyboard / MIDI adapter/samplerbox)? Maybe I need to change something in the boot files to microSD?

Austen Frostad posted Mar 17 '20, 10:33:

1st If HDMI is plugged in, I believe it will put the audio out over HDMI by default.

Nothing displays on the console when using the device. Everything is running in the background.

I believe the python script by default has the GPIO midi input setting set to true (meaning you can send midi into the GPIO pins and it will detect it.)
If not familiar with Linux commands... Go ahead and look up the basics for navigating around the Pi's file system. Everything is a file/folder in Linux.

The SamplerBox will play a Saw wave sound by default if you don't plug in any card. So just first try to get that saw wave to play. Then you can worry about mounting your card to get other samples. That is, all you have to do it plug the pi in and you midi device and you will be able to play. When booting you'll see a green light on the pi. That is the SD card activity light. It turns on whenever the pi is reading or writing to the SD card. So it will turn off when the pi is done booting and the SamplerBox is ready for playing.

Make sure you have your midi cables all connected in correct places.

Alex posted Mar 19 '20, 07:18:

Thanks, but it still doesn't work. I didn't connect the raspberry to a monitor anymore. I also didn't connect a usb stick with samples. I tried another synthesizer with midi out. I checked the diode and optoisolator, they work fine. I checked other circuits for midi in(with different voltages and resistors). I even tried to connect the DAC, because I thought that the built-in does not work. I am applying the voltage on the pins, not micro USB. I don't have a midi-female interface and no midi cable, so I directly connect the midi in to the 4 and 5 pin midi out on my keyboard. I also changed the 4 and 5 pins in places to accurately connect correctly. Could there be a problem with GPIO pins on my raspberry pi? Can I check them somehow? Could there be a problem if I didn't connect the 7-segment display and buttons, but only the MIDI? Maybe I need to change something in config.txt or cmdline.txt because I have an old PI model with only 26 pin instead of 40? Do I need to log in with a username and password to make the sound? What else could be the problem? Did someone else build this scheme on the site?


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