Sample Partition

Adam posted Apr 6 '20, 12:27:

Hi guys

I’m working on a new build. Hans latest version.
I have extended the sample partition. This may be a silly question but how do I access the folder to save the samples?

HansEhv posted Apr 6 '20, 22:01:

Hi Adam,
Samplerbox is accessible via network cable (and wifi if your PI supports it) using ssh.
So you can use any ftp client that supports secure ftp (sftp).
You have to mount the sample partition as writable (see the console message or docs for help).
You can also mount the SD in a Linux PC - there you can see & access all 3 partitions.

Adam posted Apr 6 '20, 22:14:

Thanks Hans 👍

Erich posted Apr 10 '20, 22:58:

On Windows Winscp might work well to do Secure FTP and then You could grab the local files onto the Linux-Box.


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