Locking custom built image

Ays posted Apr 10 '20, 12:27:

I love Samplerbox!
how can I lock a custom built image like the image downloaded?
basically I love the fact that the image is Read Only and I can switch off the raspberry pi without having to worry about shutdown command. it's very useful for live situation and it avoids data corruption.

How can I archive the same result but starting from a custom built image (I need it because I want to be able to SSH into the Pi) thank you

HansEhv posted Apr 10 '20, 14:05:

You can SSH into the samplerbox.
Functionality had always been there in original and all forks.

HansEhv posted Apr 10 '20, 14:06:

Sorry: has, not had. And still is :-)

Ayskura posted Apr 11 '20, 02:44:

for some reason Samplerbox image doesn't see built in wifi?

HansEhv posted Apr 11 '20, 17:56:

Hi Ayskura,
All versions can be connected via wire/cable.
Original SamplerBox (Joseph's) has no wifi support, similar for Erik's version.
Alex's has a wifi client, but that needs to be configured first.
My version has an independent hotspot.
If you don't use cables at all in your homenetwork, then you can configure your PC's ethernet adapter with a fixed IP address along with a dhcp server. That way you can connect the pi to your PC without needing the home network.

Ayskura posted Apr 12 '20, 20:46:

I am implementing it on a raspberry pi Zero W and a raspberry pi 3A+ both don't have ethernet.

I saw this USB gadget to make it work with computer via USB but I can't make it work on SamplerBox - I am going to try with a stock Raspian image now.

Anyway back to my original post, do you know how to lock an image?
thank you

HansEhv posted Apr 14 '20, 13:53:

Not exactly. Principle is to make symbolic links for any workfiles to temporary ram storage and reload the root file system as RO. The scripts published by Joseph and Alex have the details on how it's done for their builds.
I took Joseph's build as base and added the extra packages I needed, while respecting the temporary file policy.


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