Zero as USB Gadget problem!

Ays posted Apr 14 '20, 06:01:

Ok I just learned you can enable USB Gadget to allow to SSH you pi Zero from a computer making it possible to put your samples via SSH which is awesome!

onyl problem is when I follow the steps the sound gets broken :( is there a reason?

I have a USB+MIDI keyboard controller plugged in and I tried with another adaptor and the sound gets glitchy . I didn't try with builtin audio though

I believe it created some sort of conflict between the USB gadget and the normal USB albeit it should understand if it's been used as gadget or not.

if I use it as gadget (plugging it directly to computer via USB) without PWR plugged in. it works and I have access to the SD where I can put samples etc.

then I switch off (with shutdown now command)

plug the USB to a standard keyboard and boot up powered from the PWR port this time

It works but sound is distorted. like glitchy. like if buffer is too low.

But before it worked alright so I wonder what is the issue here as it would be awesome to plug the USB to transfer samples from computer. s

this is how I did it and you need to assign FIXED IP to make it work as SamplerBox has root access and SSH didn't like it for some reason (It worked alright with a stock image from Raspian though)

thank you


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