some notes never ending

Achille posted Apr 14, 21:43:

Hello, I have installed samplerbox from Raspbian, so it works. (that's better than nothing)

Now I have some notes that don't get played or some notes that don't end, and then I have to re-hit the note for the sound to stop.
I'm using a rpi3b+, arturia keylab essential 49 over usb midi.

I also didn't found any solution up to this point on this forum or anywhere else, but great work to those who developed it anyway. Thanks


HansEhv posted Apr 14, 21:59:

Installing on full OS may have quirks regarding timing and latency, but this seems a new phenomenon indeed.
Before starting the ultimate digging, you may also have a look at the fork at homspace-xs4all-nl/homspace/samplerbox (replace "-" with ".").
This is based on the original samplerbox (so without the OS overhead), but supports the 3B+.
It may not be your cup-of-tea, but still wanted to let you know it exists..

Achille posted Apr 15, 17:31:

ok i'll try this one.

Achille posted Apr 19, 22:15:

Hey, none of them works.


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