some notes never ending

Achille posted Apr 14 '20, 21:43:

Hello, I have installed samplerbox from Raspbian, so it works. (that's better than nothing)

Now I have some notes that don't get played or some notes that don't end, and then I have to re-hit the note for the sound to stop.
I'm using a rpi3b+, arturia keylab essential 49 over usb midi.

I also didn't found any solution up to this point on this forum or anywhere else, but great work to those who developed it anyway. Thanks


HansEhv posted Apr 14 '20, 21:59:

Installing on full OS may have quirks regarding timing and latency, but this seems a new phenomenon indeed.
Before starting the ultimate digging, you may also have a look at the fork at homspace-xs4all-nl/homspace/samplerbox (replace "-" with ".").
This is based on the original samplerbox (so without the OS overhead), but supports the 3B+.
It may not be your cup-of-tea, but still wanted to let you know it exists..

Achille posted Apr 15 '20, 17:31:

ok i'll try this one.

Achille posted Apr 19 '20, 22:15:

Hey, none of them works.

Paul posted Jun 3 '21, 13:18:

Was there ever a solution to this? I am using old Yamaha PSS keyboards (tried a 680 and a 790) as midi controllers over the DIN socket as per the wiring diagram on this site, they work very well with Cubase on an Atari.

If I press and release the keys slowly then it works OK but if I press and release quickly then the note doesn't stop. It's like the software cannot keep up with the midi signalling. I'm using a Pi 2B.

Paul posted Jun 7 '21, 18:39:

Following up just in case anyone else sees this.

I went to Hans' newer Samplerbox version but had numerous problems getting it working with the original samplerbox hardware I built. I solved them all though, details here:

homspaceDOTnl/forum/thread-42.html (replace the word DOT with an actual dot)

So to anyone else reading, move to Hans' version. I no longer have the problem of notes never ending no matter how fast I play.


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