pitch down?

Ays posted Apr 16 '20, 15:58:

Saamplerbox seem to only pitch up samples. For example if I add a synth sampled at C36 it will pitch all the way up to few octaves but it will stop to play at C 36 and not going down. Why this? I think sampler plays best when pitching down, is there a way to change this behaviour maybe?

ays posted Apr 16 '20, 23:57:

Basically I would like to use one sound spanning all keyboard range but this doesn't seem possible unless I sample it very very low and long but still pitching up doesn't sound as good as pitching down for some reason in sampling

HansEhv posted Apr 17 '20, 00:25:

Some years ago I've implemented this in my fork (I actually changed the behaviour to "pitch to the nearest note", which results in "always pitch down" for notes lower than lowest sample), so I don't have exact details at the top of my head now.
It drills down to adapting the "for midinote in xrange(128):" loop at the end of actuallyload.
The reason for pitch down sounding better is the frequency step needed for the pitch adapt: this gets more for higher notes.

Ayskura posted May 2 '20, 13:28:

Thank you Hans I will check this out :)


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