My SamplerBox

James posted Sep 22 '15, 01:08:

Hi I'd like to share what I made, and hopefully others will do the same in this topic...

First I made a speaker box, then crammed all the electronics inside.

Since I took this photo I have installed the amplifier and screwed the back on, so now it's fully working. Although you still have to open it up to change the memory stick (samples). It works well, but it's not quiet: you get a lot of electronic noise through the amp. Some heavy duty shielding is in order.

The next step is to modify the code to add a volume control, and possibly try to create some rudimentary effects like delay or flanger or reverb. I am a complete novice at this so I might not even try.

So, care to post what you've created?

Martin posted Sep 24 '15, 23:02:

This is fantastic, very impressed! Please share any code updates you make as well, as I'm sure the rest of us will find them useful :)

James posted Jan 19 '16, 01:16:

Thanks Martin
I have since overhauled the design, it's now got a single tiny speaker in a plastic box, and sounds surprisingly good. Still having trouble with the PC interference sounds though.


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