MIDI Keyboard Alternatives.

ElRafilla posted Apr 24 '20, 07:46:


I'm trying to make a Diatonic (button) Accordion. Is there a way to substitute the MIDI keyboard with something with buttons like a computer keyboard or Adruino? Any help would be appreciated.


HansEhv posted Apr 24 '20, 22:01:

Any midi input will do, keyboards are just the most common.
Arduino is a good solution for your goal. Many examples of Arduino-midi projects available, even specialized accordeon ones.
You may run into some complexities since left and right hand of accordeon can have different sounds. These can be solved once/if they occur in your case.

ElRafilla posted Apr 24 '20, 23:13:

Awesome! Sounds like I have to get creative. I’ll post some updates, if I find a way to make it work. Thanks.

HansEhv posted Apr 25 '20, 00:16:

Glad to help.
Once you run mentioned complexities, don't hesitate to post.
I made a fork: see homspace-xs4all-nl/homspace/samplerbox (replace "-" with ".").
In here I want extend some features to have good accordeon support as well.
A new release is coming, but current one (summer last year) might give you an idea too.
I'm particularly interested in setting up the left hand (chords and triads), because being a drummer I get lost in theory :-)
You might contact me via my site as well.


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