Latancy with Raspberry Pi 3

Jochen posted May 14 '20, 21:17:

I've read in another forum, that Samplerbox with a Raspberry Pi 2 archied a minimum latency about 11 milliseconds.
Can anyone report here, how much latency will bei possible with Raspberry Pi 3?

HansEhv posted May 15 '20, 22:26:

The same.
It depends on the speed of the audio callback, which is driven by the DAC rate, which on turn needs to be the same as the input rate to avoid a retune.
Standard wav's are 441000 Hz, so unless you convert the wav's and change the DAC rate, it's fixed.
Doing that increases the CPU overhead, so as always it's checks and balances.

HansEhv posted May 16 '20, 02:22:

44100 of course, sorry :-)

Jochen posted May 26 '20, 06:59:

Thanks a lot!


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