ic2 IIC 16x2 display

Borghi posted May 22 '20, 15:14:


Is there any easy way to setup IC2 16x2 displays and buttons (AKA Adafruit RGB LCD SHIELD 16X2) instead using directly gpio pins directly?


HansEhv posted May 22 '20, 21:35:

Hi Borghi,
Yes and no.

Some people already created code for that: on this forum you'll find an old topic by David Hilowitz which will link you to some code - but I've seen more.
I'm now using that (untested) in the about to release new build of the fork you can find at homspace-xs4all-nl/homspace/samplerbox (replace "-" with ".").
As I don't have the hardware, I'm looking for a (beta) tester for this. My site has a contact page.

Above is without button support via I2C like in the shield you mention. I'm not sure whether it's worth the effort to add such logic as the buttons don't seem very practical to me - too small to operate for a musician. But perhaps nicer buttons are possible too.
So should it still be necessary to have I2C buttons too, it should be possible to build as this new release is quite modular with an API like feature for easy connecting user interfaces.

Borghi posted May 26 '20, 16:14:

Hey Hans.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have a couple of those displays, so i can test it for sure. Yea, I don't think the buttons there so useful as well, also, buttons can be easily implemented on gpio pins directly.
I will try to put it in place this seek ;)


HansEhv posted May 26 '20, 22:53:

Hi Borghi,
That would be great as the new image can now have working/tested logic for this.
Please contact me via the contact page on "homspace-xs4all-nl/homspace/samplerbox" (replace "-" with "."). Both mail and feedback forms give opportunity to give you mailaddress so I can contact you directly and vice versa, this way neither your nor my address will exposed in public.
Be informed that both docs and image you find on that site are a bit outdated, waiting for renewal :-)

HansEhv posted May 26 '20, 22:55:

Regards !


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