Button wiring

Nancy posted Jul 28 '20, 23:10:

im looking at the build it page here and im confussed as it seems there is 4 buttons and only 2 connections going off to GPIO pins so im confussed how this controls preset up and down and volume up and down, can someone help me to see what it is im missing here, im assuning these buttons are just grounding the GPIO pins?

Nancy posted Sep 24 '20, 01:30:

can anyone help with this?, i keep looking at this and want to move on with the build further but no one has offered any help so far on this question,
i dont know what digitast buttons are? ive never heard of them and google is not really helping me on this, is there something im not getting here about the buttons themselves ? i just dont get how u can have 4 control buttons and only 2 sends to GPIO pins ?
id be really greatfull for any help on this that anyone can offer.

nfo posted Sep 26 '20, 22:03:

"Digitast" seems to be just a brand of switches, see manufacturer's website (ckswitches dot com)

As far as I can tell from the videos of Samplerbox and the source code, the sketch on the "Build the electronic parts" page is misleading. There are only two buttons for the program control, no volume buttons!

The relevant code snippet mentions just two buttons as well. See samplerbox.py in lines 362-397.

Nancy posted Sep 29 '20, 07:19:

Thanks for the information, I couldn't find anything on Google for digitast, glad I'm not totally going mad, this was a starting point for me as I'm building a drum trigger module and realised that this is not really suitable for multiple samples alough it's a really great project for what it is. I'm looking to use 4 buttons in my project for volume and preset up/down and display this on a two line lcd display, as a total beginner to all the programming its a learning curve atm but I'm determined to learn it and get this project up and running, I think I'm going to go down the route of autostarting hydrogen and jackctl and writing a small python script for the buttons I want to use and running the display

HansEhv posted Oct 6 '20, 00:21:

Hi Nancy,
For drums you'll encounter a nasty issue regarding the note-off processing because all percussion like instruments require the sound to continue when there is no "keypress" anymore.
The build you can find on homspace-xs4all-nl/homspace/samplerbox (replace "-" with ".") addresses this with the "once" mode.
However digging through the docs is a learning curve in itself as this build has a large set of extras :-)
But you can always have a look...


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