Only some keys are working M-audio Keystation Pro 88

Renno posted Sep 7 '20, 16:09:


I am using M-audio Keystation Pro 88 and only G2, G#2 and A2 are working, doesn't matter which sound to use, only same keys are working and "SalamanderGrandPiano_adapted_v2" is not working at all. Keyboard works with ableton live and with any other midi software and Samplerbox works if I am using my tablet as a midi device.

If I am running python, then it seems that all the keys are recognized, but just no sound. I am using software from Hans site.

HansEhv posted Sep 8 '20, 22:06:

Hi Renno,
If samplerbox works OK with another midi input, it's the combination with the the Keystation.
M-audio Keystation Pro 88 is known to drain a lot of power.
A PC can stand it, but the PI will need a good/stable power supply of at least 2A. In this case it may even need a 3A supply.
You can also consider to have an independent power supply for the keyboard.
And ofcourse there is manual start and look at the console messages as explained in the debug paragraph of my website.


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