Not Booting At All

DMC posted Sep 7 '20, 16:39:

I know my harwdare is good as I can run Raspian on it. I downloaded the image and flashed with Wind32 Disk Imager (that I used to create the Raspian disk).

My 16GB memory card now has 3 partitions the first of which is BOOT with the files in, another is ~1.6GB not used and the remaining 14GB not allocated.

The red LED flashes 4 times slow then 3 time fast and then stays on for ~2 s and this repeats forever.

Arno posted Sep 24 '20, 14:13:

Had the same problem with this image. This red flash lights means power problems, turned out this was unrelated though. Try the one available from homspace . I installed the latest on raspberry 3b+, seems to work but not automatically, still have to go under Linux console and launch it manually though :(

Arno posted Sep 24 '20, 15:33:

EDIT : if you install , keep in mid it is receiving on MIDI channel 1 by default!


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