Question regarding newer Pi's

Neon L posted Oct 23 '20, 21:12:

Hello Everyone,

As you've probably guessed, I'm new here.
I have no experience with SamplerBox or Raspberry Pi.

That said, I'm beyond excited because this is something I've been dreaming about for a very long time.

I see that Josephs instructions are for the Raspberry Pi 2.
I'm wondering, are there any caveats to using newer models?
The newer Pi's could be more powerful, perhaps things could load faster?
Or perhaps I'm asking for trouble?

Would love to know what people think.

Meric Ozadak posted Oct 25 '20, 21:47:

Yeah I wonder that too. Planning to use Pi 3B+
Anyone can help us here?

HansEhv posted Oct 30 '20, 23:27:

Two older items in this forum contain lots of details, just look for 3B+.
Meanwhile the extended/alternative version on the homspace site supports 3B+ without additional hacking.
PI-4 is work in progress.


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