Features request

pierstu posted Oct 6 '15, 10:40:

Hi, let's start a feature request list!

  • looping / SF2 support (i'd like to play instruments and banks other than pianos and drumkits with this baby)
  • non-resonant filter (since we would need a filter per note if it was resonant)
  • midi thru / midi out

What else should we need?

herbert posted Feb 16 '16, 09:09:

MIDI Programme Changes

herbert posted Feb 16 '16, 09:10:

Switchable MIDI Omni/poly mode to access different Presets from different controllers (e.g. launch pad, keyboard, drumpad etc.)

Philippe posted Feb 16 '16, 12:28:

I'd like to play samplerbox with drum pads/DM5 for example, can i configure samples to be played to the end and non loop? (i searched a subject which deals with it on the site but i didn't find)

thanks in advance!

And i vote for Herbert, Switchable omni/poly mode...

Getter3 posted Feb 16 '16, 16:44:

Would there be way to use normal keyboard to play the sound?

eduardo posted Mar 2 '16, 23:21:

And i vote for Herbert, Switchable omni/poly mode... to i was traing just that play drum files

Westdude posted Mar 7 '16, 09:24:

Sorry of this feature is already present, but is there provision for piano pedals in the software? I notice there were no pedal samples in the Salamander Piano pack.



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