Activate Reverb from the source code

Federico posted Nov 7 '20, 12:21:


I am using a pi4 and I had to manually clone the project. I haven't found a way to access the config.ini file in /boot folder so I had to modify the default variables directly in the module to have it working.

It's all set, I'd like to have some reverb and I saw there is a module called Freeverb available.

How can I turn it on? I just need to leave it on all the time.
In the I haven't find any reference to this.


HansEhv posted Nov 8 '20, 00:18:

Hi Federico,
Original samplerbox does not have the configuration via files in the boot/samplerbox directory, nor a good possibility for freeverb.
I suggest to have a look at the clone described at homspace-xs4all-nl/homspace/samplerbox (replace "-" with "."), which includes freeverb (and other effects)
It has build instructions, so you can manually clone for use on your PI-4. Making a PI-4 image is in process, but not finished yet.
You'll find that GitHub is slightly ahead of the distribution as described.
Branch "Limiter-and-Overdrive" is ready to merge and will be included on next image. I mention this as this branch introduces the option of turning on/off of effects at startup.


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