Building a SamplerBox with a more efficient device? (other than raspberry)

jorge posted Nov 14 '20, 04:08:

Hello, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to build the SamplerBox (or something similar) with other microcontroller/embedded/etc to make it cheaper and more efficient

Has anyone did this before?

I searched a lot, and didn't find much about it

The possible devices for doing this are:

Daysi seed (electrosmith)

Axoloti Core


ErMaro posted Nov 28 '20, 12:23:

I doubt a microcontroller will have the resources to run the software.
You still need a minimal os capable of loading the audio drivers, and some ram to host the samples.
So at least a single board computer (SBC as rapsberry is) would still be necessary.
It would of great usefulness to have samplerbox ported on armbian, so that many more devices than a raspberry could be used. Check the urls ?device_support=Supported at armbian downloads


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