Breath control

Tim WILLIAMS posted Jan 3 '21, 17:09:

Has anyone made changes to accommodate a wind controller, breath control using cc2 as on an EWI usb?
Or is that something that sound files would actually contain in formatting?

Tim WILLIAMS posted Jan 4 '21, 00:01:

Sort of answered my own question using the August 11, 2020 image file from ator2109 dot home dot xs4all dot nl/samplerbox/ which gives a cool little web server to access with a pad or phone when setup using wifi on the pi.

I simply set the Volume CC to to (usually 7) to make it work... it's ok, I am sure I can dive in and make it better.

Also, USB samples from the example page would not work. After hours of searching, it's fixed. I batch-renamed the notes to standard MIDI (23.wav, 24.wav...) and (this may be what fixed it) made the files "writable" They download and write to a USB stick as read-only. ...AND I deleted most of the definition.txt content only leaving the Instrument name. I am sure that can be constructed properly, and may have not been necessary) but it works now.
Just posting that for people having issues using the demo instruments.
What would be SWEET is to remap the directory that can be seen from a Windows PC to hold samples. I will get there too and post a patch/fix for that.


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