Have a green "active", but can't hear anything.

Clive posted Jan 15 '21, 23:36:

This project looks amazing, but I'm struggling. I've not started the Pi up since 2017, so that might give you an indication of my ability.

I'm sure there's just one or two tiny things I've probably missed.

At the end of loading the black screen with white text, it says:
The SamplerBox program (/root/SamplerBox/samplerbox.py) should be up and running. If not, try: systemctl status sampler box

I typed in the bit "systemctl status sampler box" to see what happened and it says that it is active, but has a warning about Journal being rotated since unit was started. Log is incomplete or unavailable.

My specs are:
Pi 3

Using an external SD card with the SAW folder copied over. This card had the boot img file for Raspberry on previously, but I deleted it using Windows and copied the folder "0SAW" over to it as I think that will mean the SD card is definitely formatted for the Pi?
On load a single red fail zooms by in the text, but I can't make it out.
Plugged in an Arturia Keystep, which seemed to be recognised.
Using some headphones plugged directly into the Pi's on board audio.
Powered with power adapter.
I'm a total python apprentice, but am able to copy and paste.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)


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