Image is read-only/write-protected

user278 posted Jan 23 '21, 13:42:

Hello SamplerBox buddies,

This idea of using SamplerBox is very awesome. It works great on Keystep 37 keyboard, however, the onboard Raspberry Pi audio sounds faint or awful quality. Hence, I bought Pimoroni Pirate Audio Amplifier board. Downloaded from and clicked “download the ready-to-use ISO image” and flashed by Belena Etcher on SD card.

The main issue is that the image is read-only/ write-protected. Following the instruction to rewrite by typing mount -o remount,rw/ then it shows a list of abbreviations. What does that mean? Four attempted of trying to get edit on config.txt and none are successfully.

Attempt 1: mount -o remount, rw/root/SamplerBox/

Result: mount can’t find

Attempt 2: /boot/config.txt

Result: No such file or directory

Attempt 3: /root/SamplerBox

Result: is a directory

Attempt 4: nano /boot/config.txt

Result: Blank screen with bottom of options

Typed dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac


Exit ^X enter Y to save config.txt

[Error writing boot/config.txt. Read-only file system]

The baby step is to add the line on config.txt, that is all I need to figure it out. Please let me know if there is another way around to get work. I even tried to wipe SD card to reinstall- first Raspbian Buster then manual install of Samplerbox but it won’t wipe or delete because of read-only. I also did try add config.txt on Windows 10 and Mac Catalina but it still won't let me add because of ready-only. I don't understand why.


HansEhv posted Jan 25 '21, 08:45:

In the first statement, leave a space between "remount,rw" and "/".

user278 posted Jan 26 '21, 07:12:

Wow, that is very tiny mistaken but it is progress. :) nano /boot/config.txt shows a blank screen and I typed. It saves and reboot but then test hear through Pirate Audio Headphone is not working. No different when I saved it then rebooted. I took the SD card out into Mac computer. Opened config.txt with VSC to add lines. It cannot allow me to add lines because of read-only. I did tested SamplerBox/ and there shows a wriiten. Cool colors. I haven't edit there. Just wanted to focus on getting done with config.txt first then later can focus on setting st7789 display and buttons.

HansEhv posted Jan 27 '21, 22:54:

OK, didn't realize you wanted edit on the /boot (didn't read properly, sorry).
That's a separate filesystem (samplerbox has 2 as most pi-OS's).
With the "/" you remount the root partition and with "/boot" you do the same with the boot partition.
Remember to properly shutdown when having filesystems read-write.
This is also the reason why samplerbox is setup as completely read-only, you can just pull the plug.

Glenn posted Sep 1 '21, 17:59:

I created a website with complete step-by-step instructions for creating an inexpensive up-to-date software version SamplerBox using the Pimoroni Pirate Audio Hat — high quality audio, color LCD and buttons -- with no wiring or soldering required..

Conrad posted Jan 6 '22, 13:31:

Hi Glenn, can you update instructions for the Pi 4?


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