Anyone attempting to port SamplerBox on Raspberry Pico?

Rajiv posted Jan 31 '21, 06:34:

Raspberry Pico has 3 12 bit analog ports. Anyone thinking of using Pico for Midi synthesis or control?
Please share your experiences

Onkel Flo posted Feb 26 '21, 20:01:

I am by far no expert, but from what I read, the pico is closer to an arduino than to a raspi. That being said, arduinos (or their cousing, the teensys) habe been used successfully for synthesis, but I think, the process used is pretty different.

Maybe an expert can give further details on the matter?

Rajiv posted Mar 9 '21, 05:08:

Pico is quite different than Arduino, that is why Arduino platform does not support it yet. Pico can be programmed using MicroPython or CircuitPython or C/C++
Pico is more powerful than most in Arduino family and can be best compared with STM32.
I am working on Pico for MIDI OUT messaging and MIDI IN sound sythesis both.

My question was - Is somebody ready to port samplerbox written in Python to either MicroPython or CircuitPython running on Pico?

Share any pointers if possible

Luke posted Mar 11 '21, 01:43:

Hi! The Raspberry Pi Pico by itself cannot be used for much really, but with a adapter and sd card, it could actually be turned into a serial console. Using that, you could find a ported GitHub for SamplerBox and use it. Here is the link below for getting the serial console on the Raspberry Pi Pico. I'm not sure if it will work with SamplerBox but it might. Good Luck Rajiv!

Btw, I think it would be much easier to just buy a raspberry pi zero and use SamplerBox on it. It already is ported and the board is only 10 dollars.


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