No Sound with sample Grand Piano

wolfgang schoepe posted Feb 9 '21, 11:02:

I use the samplerbox to play on a midi keyboard. All samples work perfectly except for the grand piano. If I choose this sample, I don't hear any sound.
My hardware is a Raspberry Pi 3B +, 16GB SD card and all samples on the SD card in the Samples directory.
I have no more ideas so I need help.
Greetings Wolfgang

HansEhv posted Feb 10 '21, 00:30:

Hello Wolfgang,
Considering you use 3B+, you're most likely using the version from the homspace site.
Please use the latest grandpian0 (v2.2) from there.
That site also has its own forum, as the versions are no longer 100% compatible, making mixed posts here to cause confusion.

HansEhv posted Feb 10 '21, 09:10:

Hello again,
I'm sorry for the tone of the last remark, but can't edit it anymore.
It was meant to be a suggestion, Hans

wolfgang schoepe posted Feb 12 '21, 10:09:

Hello Hans

thanks for help , GrandPiano works


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