USB MIDI Cable, no sounds.

lecorniste posted Oct 7 '15, 11:23:

Hello everyone.
I'm a french musician who discovered this samplerbox and it's look like amazing. So thanks for this great work.
Unfortunately, I'm comming here because I have no sounds... I'm such a noob in this so excuse for stupid questions.
A link with photos of my config and screen:

I plug on the raspberry: Hdmi for screen, Jack 3,5 for headphones, Micro usb cable for battery, usb stick for instrument, usb for keyboard And usb cable midi usb interface like this:

What is the problem:

-Cable Usb Midi interface? Can I use this cable interface for samplerbox?

  • Headphones? Should i send sounds on amplifier?

When i do systemctl status samplerbox. I see an error:
samplerbox samplerbox. sh(87): ALSA lib conf .c:4738 (snd-config-expand) Evaluate error: No such file or directory.
I'm trying to do ls /media but i Have no reponse.

So, this is my questions. Thanks for Helps.

lecorniste posted Oct 7 '15, 12:12:

Hi again.
I've changed the usb stick And when i do ls /media, I see instrument.
0 Saw 1 Grand Piano 2 Mellotron mkII flute etc.
But no sounds...

Thanks for help.

lecorniste posted Oct 7 '15, 22:24:

according to this post:

I can't connect on the headphones. Am i obliged to buy a DAC?
WHich one?

Thanks again.

Mirco posted Oct 8 '15, 21:24:

Try to unplug the HDMI cable ....
Regards Mirco

lecorniste posted Oct 10 '15, 11:23:

... as you say.
thahnk you very much, I have sound. But the sound is not good (very noisy).
So I bought This DAC.

I'm going to buid New instrument for the samplerbox. If I success can I publish them here?

If there a technic to switch instrument ( 0 Saw at 1 Mellotron for example) without the electronic part.


mirco posted Oct 11 '15, 01:06:

Hi lecorniste
youbneed a dac for clean audio .... i use another dac but i think that your dac is good ... about switch instrument you need only 2 button and connect it on gpio bus like a project , otherwise you can switch by program change on your keyboard

regards mirco

lecorniste posted Nov 11 '15, 16:58:

Hi again.
I'm back after few weeks. My Samplerbox works with the DAC. So thank you Micro.
I want to know if i can shared for Samplerbox's user sounds?
I create sounds like fender rhodes (I think I can't share here because of copyright).

Mirco posted Nov 11 '15, 21:37:

Hi lecorniste
Im interesting a rhodes sound , Gibson g101 andò vox sound. Could you share it by email ?
[email protected]
Thanks in advance


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