Do I have to build the project in order to use this?

Ryan Steinbruner posted Feb 14 '21, 03:46:

I really want to use the sample functionality.
I have the following GPIO soundcard for my Pi:

"Audio DAC HAT Sound Card (Audio+)" that I got from Amazon. It uses GPIO instead of USB.

Is this compatible with SamplerBox???

I have no interest in setting up an LCD screen or making buttons or anything.
I'd like to just be able to use my wireless USB keyboard to switch samples, or the many extra buttons on my M-Audio Oxygen keyboard, or my other USB MIDI device.

I need to get this set up for a live show I'm doing in a few weeks.

PLEASE help me. I am lost with a blank screen that has no user interface, and I can't find any documentation other than how to build the one specific project. I was hoping for something a little more plug-n-play


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