Do I have to build the project in order to use this?

Ryan Steinbruner posted Feb 14 '21, 03:46:

I really want to use the sample functionality.
I have the following GPIO soundcard for my Pi:

"Audio DAC HAT Sound Card (Audio+)" that I got from Amazon. It uses GPIO instead of USB.

Is this compatible with SamplerBox???

I have no interest in setting up an LCD screen or making buttons or anything.
I'd like to just be able to use my wireless USB keyboard to switch samples, or the many extra buttons on my M-Audio Oxygen keyboard, or my other USB MIDI device.

I need to get this set up for a live show I'm doing in a few weeks.

PLEASE help me. I am lost with a blank screen that has no user interface, and I can't find any documentation other than how to build the one specific project. I was hoping for something a little more plug-n-play

HansEhv posted Feb 15 '21, 01:04:

Hi Ryan,
Pushing for deadlines and using DIY is not compatible.

Having said that, still some answers :-)

No, there is no need to build the hardware additions (all docs say similar).

Yes, the screen is black. It's the Linux commandline. None of the samplerbox forks have a desktop to preserve precious CPU and memory resources.

You are mixing builds and docs: you seem to be using the original image of Joseph (available on here) with Alex's (samplerbox-dot-readthedocs-dot-io/en/latest/).

Support and needed configuration of a soundcard depends on the chipset=needed driver.
This seems not to be included now (can't tell from the info supplied), so it it needs some fiddling, I found forum-dot-raspiaudio-dot-com/t/audio-installation-guide/19), which tends me to advising onboard or a usb dac as bypass...

If you can stand some TLDR, you might also have a look at another fork of samplerbox: homspace-dot-nl/samplerbox)

Ryan Steinbruner posted Feb 15 '21, 01:55:

Hi Hans, thank you for the response.

I've been reading the homespace site a lot since I first posted this, and I've found some answers, but few solutions.

My main question is regarding my sound card.

The audio hat I'm using is called AUDIO+ from RaspiAudio.

It uses GPIO, and it uses the following pins:

GPIO21, GPIO19, GPIO18, Grnd, 3.3v

The installation instructions tell me to run this on the command line:

sudo wget -O - script(dot)raspiaudio(dot)com | bash

If I type that without the sudo in SampleBox's terminal, will it add functionality to this external soundcard?

Also, I'm having trouble finding the /samples/ partition, making it RW, and expanding it. I bought a 32GB SD card just for this project, and I really don't want to mess with thumb drives, because there's only a few instruments I'll need for my live performances.

Thank you so much for your help.

HansEhv posted Feb 15 '21, 09:05:

Hi Ryan,
I think I can help you a bit further.
Please post these questions on the forum of that site. That way it won't mixup the subjects here. As that fork continued developing, the differences have grown....

Ryan Steinbruner posted Feb 15 '21, 13:52:

Thank you, Hans. I have posted on the homespace site. I look forward to hearing from you!

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