There is NO wpa_supplicant.conf file!

Ryan Steinbruner posted Feb 14 '21, 05:26:

I have spent countless hours trying to set up WiFi on the SampleBox.
I tried editing the wpa_supplicant.conf file, as the instructions told me, to no avail.
I finally hooked up an ethernet cable and was able to connect via WinSCP to view the files.
I browsed to /etc/wpa_supplicant, and lo and behold, there was no file. Nothing.

I have a Pi 3 with WiFi. How on earth to I set it up???

twofingerrightclick posted Jun 2 '21, 06:29:

in /boot/SamplerBox there is a Wifi accesspoint config file. The sampler box will create a hotspot by default if I am not mistaken. I haven't tinkered with mine for a while, so sorry if the info is rusty.

The best place for info is at
I don't know why there isn't a more obvious link on the site as doesn't have much details about the project

You can have it connect to wifi instead of the doing an Access point. I had it set up that way once. I will reply if I remember the steps, but that website should get you going.

twofingerrightclick posted Jun 2 '21, 06:32:

ahah!Found it on the website ( under the config tab:

"The builtin WiFi adapter can be used:

To connect to your home (or other) network(s). Define the applicable network(s) in wifinetworks.txt and connect to it similar as via cable.
If you need a fixed IP-address within a network/SSID, you can define this in wifistatips.txt.
If none of the defined networks are available/in range, it will fall back to:
As an access point, in order to be independent of whatever is available on stage.
The GUI itself is not protected, but the WiFi password will protect it from practical jokes by audience.
The distribution uses SSID "SamplerBox" with password "go2samplerbox"; this can be changed in wifihotspot.txt.
Once connected: start your browser, type "" in the address bar and click go or press enter.
Your device might complain about having no internet access; just confirm it's OK."

twofingerrightclick posted Jun 2 '21, 06:36:

So basically the SamplerBox program will check to see if it can connect to wifi, and if it can't it will start an Access point

twofingerrightclick posted Jun 2 '21, 06:48:

take note that the site refers to a different version I think of SamplerBox. Its easy to use on my opinion because of the documentation.

twofingerrightclick posted Jun 2 '21, 07:54:

And I actually just discovered docs for Joseph Ernest's samplerbox (the one this forum is for).

HansEhv posted Jun 2 '21, 22:43:

Small correction (sorry).
These are the docs of Alex's fork and link to another image.
The site contains, next to this forum, all docs of the original=Joseph's samplerbox.

HansEhv posted Jun 3 '21, 00:35:

I meant: THIS site contains.....


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