GPIO Potentiometer control?

Deep posted Apr 4 '21, 13:46:

Would it be possible to wire up some pots between Vs GND and an analogue pin in order to give me some analogue controls on my SamplerBox? That way I could put the SamplerBox on my Guitar pedalboard and add a foot pedal so I could do things like building up the volume or perhaps bend the pitch or something, all in software, without buying a new pedal and adding it into the signal chain. Is this possible?

HansEhv posted Apr 5 '21, 02:25:

Hi Deep,

Two facts:

  • Raspberry doesn't have an analogue pin
  • Original samplerbox doesn't support pitchbend (or wah-pedal, or you name it)

So you're actually asking for two unsupported things in one question :-)

You can consider the fork at homspace-dot-nl/samplerbox because it does support pitchbend and other pedal driven continuous changes (replace "-dot-" with ".".
Still you need either a pedal sending midi messages (like the good-old Behringer FCB1010) or have arduino/esp/Pico/whatever intermediate for translating the analogue pedal signal into midi control messages. I think this is your main challenge.


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