combined sampler box midi output with dream sam 2695

tedy posted Apr 5 '21, 12:40:

how about midi out combine sampler box + fluxamasynt dream sam 2695 single synth

Erich posted Apr 16 '21, 22:46:

Hi, we, Hans and I are testing how to get a Virtual Analog Synth integrated into the Samplerbox. The VA-Synth is the project from Marcel Licence which uses a ESP32 to create a rich sound and he is using the ESP32 which could probably powered by the Raspbery PI 5V-Rail. We are going on to test this which could finally be some kind of a Synth from the 90s, a combination of analog and PCM-Sound.
For the ESP32-Synth, You need a cheap ESP32 and a second PCM5102-Board. ... max 20€.
If You already use a serial MIDI, then it could be integrated into this chain:
MIDI -> 1N138 -> 3.3 Volt MIDI -> ESP32(GPIO16 RX) -> ESP32(GPIO17 TX) -> Raspberry PI RX-PIN.
Hans is testing to get a serial MIDI-Out to probably enable this chain:
USB-MIDI -> RaspberryPI with Samplerbox -> GPIO Serial TX -> ESP32 GPIO16.
In the last chain we probably could integrate the Program-Change done in the Raspberry.
In the first mentioned chain, the ESP32 is the first element in the chain which has to forward the Program-Change to the Raspberry PI. Both are valid options. .. when keeping an eye on the price-tag.
If we could create this chain, then You could add the sam2965 at the position of the ESP32. The SAM2965 is inside some very cheap MIDI-/Piano Expanders. I have seen them starting at around 79€. Does it really make sense to drop it into a Samplerbox? I would rather bye a working sam2695 in a nice box (miditech, ammon midiEndine) with display and buttons for program changes compared to the price of a diy-box which probably costs 35€ but does not provide the display and other options. - check SERDA-Shop for example. The ESP32-Option which a VAS could be an option which adds more "color" to the samplerbox.


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