Midi-channel-filter: How to put the modified py-file on the raspberry pie?

Nick posted Oct 11 '15, 22:25:

I´m a software-noob. Sorry if I ask a weird question, but I did my best to find an answer to my questions somewhere else.
I built the samplerbox and downloaded the image and everything is working fine. Now I modified the py-file from the manual-link to build in a midi-channel-filter.
But how do I get the modified code on the Raspberry 2? Can I copy-and-paste it somehow into the mini-sd, or do I have to create somehow a new image?
Thank you very much for your patience.

P.S.: I don´t have a monitor, so if there is a way to put it on the card it would be awesome. If not, i have to rent one.

Mirco posted Oct 12 '15, 00:21:

You can upload a new file by sftp if you use linux or mozzilla FTP on windows. Befor uploading you must to pur filesyste in read write mode

Regards mirco

Nick posted Oct 21 '15, 21:45:

Thank you! It works :)

Mirco posted Oct 23 '15, 00:19:

Great .....


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