Using RIP3+ on Mac OS, able to boot but getting this message root@samplerbox:˜#

Jonathan posted May 5 '21, 18:08:

Can anyone help in how to go forward from this point?
I'm new to the world of linux language or Raspbian so not sure what to do.

  • I downloaded the image for Samplebox
  • Flashed it onto a SD 32 GB card using Etcher
  • Booted it onto the Raspberry pi 3+
  • Entered the login and password codes (root and root)
  • Now I get this line on the monitor: root@samplerbox:˜#

No sound from the Keyboard (an iRig) pretty lost as to where to go from here.
Thanks in advance!

HansEhv posted May 6 '21, 00:34:

Hi Jonathan,
If it boots with RPI3+ (which it obviously does), then you have downloaded the alternative image from the site.
On that same site you can find extensive docs, faqs, debugging instructions and a forum specifically for this fork.
Regards, Hans

Jonathan posted May 6 '21, 18:23:

yup works now! though only one sound (synth) I'll have to do some more research on how to get more sounds in via usb. Thx!!


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