Samplerbox on pi4

Douwe posted May 27 '21, 16:22:

Is Samplerbox supposed to work on Raspberry Pi4?
Im very (!) new to this so it could be im doing something wrong, but i tried different ways of installing Samplerbox and neither seems to work.
When i downloaded the image file and flashed it to an SD card it wouldn't boot and would just say

start.elf not found
firmware not found

And when i tried installing it manually on Raspberry OS
i would get a syntax error when trying to run it with python

I don't know what i'm doing wrong, if someone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

HansEhv posted May 28 '21, 00:26:

Hi Douwe,
It's not supported (yet).
Original samplerbox (this site) supports up to 3B.
I forked this (long ago) and created some extra's plus 3B+ support.
Working on it and first PI4 alpha works. But it needed huge changes, so no planning for beta or public release as of yet.
The needed changes may cause the syntax error.
If you're still interested, you can find my alternative version at

Conrad posted Aug 7 '21, 00:43:

Hi any progress with the Pi 4 yet? I hope one day I can use this on the 4.

kadayver posted Aug 30 '21, 21:16:

I am also hoping to see this project become compatible with the 4

Thank you


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