Looking for advice

Joe posted May 28 '21, 00:13:

I'm VERY new to this, but i had an idea to create a samplerbox using:

pi zero wh(i saw in another post that this can work)
pisugar portable 900mAh(for power to make it portable)
Pirate Audio Speaker(for the DAC and speaker)
USB OTG Cable(to connect my midi controller)

My hope is to have a very compact, rechargeable samplerbox i can velcro to my alesis vortex wireless 2 controller and be able to play without a computer.

I'm hoping you all that have more knowledge and expertise can point out if this plan has any noticeable flaws?

thanks in advance,
tethered in toronto

Glenn posted Sep 1 '21, 18:01:

I created a website with complete step-by-step instructions for creating an inexpensive up-to-date software version SamplerBox using the Pimoroni Pirate audio Hat with high quality audio, color LCD and buttons -- with no wiring or soldering required..



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