Samplerbox is only a distant dream

Jon posted Jun 21 '21, 22:11:

I think I might be the only human on earth to not be able to get any sound from samplerbox or raspberry pi after 2 months of trying.

What am I doing wrong?

  1. I download + extract raspbian on sd 32gb sd card
  2. I pop it into RPi3B+ open terminal
  3. download samplerbox and extract
  4. Paste into terminal the manual codes from the github page to install
  5. Where they say there should be sound, there is none.

Which superhero is gong to make a step by step video of this, (if one doesn'T already exist) so we can follow along.

Jon posted Jun 21 '21, 22:29:

I should probably mention I did all the downloads directly off the raspberry pi.

Thanks to this wonderful community for any help!

HansEhv posted Jul 3 '21, 01:10:

Hi Jon,

Samplerbox as described usually is designed for a dedicated single user system (thus having root as user). You're working with a standard raspbian as user=pi, which does require some extra actions on the very brief guidelines you found on github. I won't go into this (sorry).
This ( site has a predefined image making life easy (see "Make it!" on the home page), but that does not support 3b+

You could have a look at
It's a forked version (thank you Joseph) with a 3b+ supporting image as well as some more docs+features and even an install video of "one of the humans who managed getting it to work" :-)
However, the only documented way is via a predefined image. Github users are supposed to know what they're doing...
So it may not be your cup of tea, up to you .. having dreams is worth treasuring :-)



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