How to automatically load drivers for controller?

JP Carvallo posted Sep 1 '21, 08:23:

Hello! I'm a Raspberry Pi noob, and by extension a Samplerbox noob as well. I was having trouble connecting my old M-Audio Radium 61 and found that I needed to download and install legacy drivers. After that I verify that MIDI events are being sent, which is great!

Question: how can I make Samplerbox load these drivers upon booting? I downloaded and installed using Raspberry Pi OS but I don't know how to "port" the driver to the samplerbox image. I can't connect my Pi via ethernet, and so I also don't have internet access in the Pi when using it as Samplerbox (the wifi is set up as access point). My intuition is that I should be able to find the drivers downloaded via the OS and copy them to the samplerbox image somehow. Any help is welcome!


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