Change Audio-Channel

Victor posted May 21 '22, 11:25:

Hi Started my samplerbox and i got no sound.
only when i connect a display via HDMI i hear something about the build in boxes of the monitor.
Now i want to change the Audio-Channel, but i have no idea how.
I am an absolutly RPi noob.
can you help me please.

Victor posted May 21 '22, 12:29:

My main question is, how can i edit and save the file.

Rolf posted Aug 23 '22, 14:58:

same question but no answer, the link who might explanes it all '' is dead

Marcel posted Aug 31 '22, 17:35:

You may have found the solution to this by now, but this should help you change the channel (from the FAQ):
"Q: I have no sound with my device!
A: First remount the filesystem as read-write and then edit /root/SamplerBox/ Then change AUDIO_DEVICE_ID = 2 with another value (0 or 1) if there is no sound and you want to select another device than the RPi built-in audio device. I chose to set 2 by default years ago, because it worked "out-of-the-box" both for the built-in audio out, an also if a USB DAC is connected. But it may be different with your own device."


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