Power requirements?

mindwave posted Apr 1 '22, 22:10:

OK, I built an Sbox a few years ago it worked great the world went sideways and we moved. So when I unpacked I couldn't remember which PI did what so reformatted most of my SDs and started form scratch,
I FINALLY get around to working on the sbox again and for WEEKS have had zero results. I've tried 3B', 4's you name it. EVERYTHING but by 0's and my original PI.
2 things that had me stumped.
1 - I could never get them to auto login to my WAN
2 - couldn't ever seem to get any real feedback from my keyboard

Forget sound, I hadn't even started troubleshooting that, what surprised me the 1st build was I plugged my $50 controller into my $25 pi and everything lit up and worked immediately. But this time around NADA.
I even tried plugging into a LAN CABLE - no go

So last night I found an official RASPI PSU (5V 2.5A) and I have LIGHTS!
still no sound, its zero so I'm working from the small prebuilt image, but Ive already figured out some of the issues just reading everything.
In the end I want to build the HW, however I probably wont make many changes, as I am looking at a small PUREDATA BOX with 10" screen etc down the road....

anyone else have issues with less than stellar psu's?

mindwave posted Apr 1 '22, 22:11:

sorry about the multiple posts, I didnt get any response and so redid the captcha and post more than once


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