samples directly on SD card

Ludwig posted Jul 8 '22, 12:18:

for my project i'm trying to put diffenent samples on each key of the keyboard.. the easiest way seemed to be exchanging the *.wavs in the /rootfs/0 saw/ folder .. BUT more than 700 MB isn't possible..(although the sd card is 16gb!)
is there a way to solve this?

hansehv posted Jul 9 '22, 21:43:

Hello Ludwig,
System can be extended to SD size with standard linux utils fdisk and ext2fs.
You can also consider looking at my fork at homspace/samplerbox, which (amongst other extras) defines an extra NTFS partition on the SD card for samples only - leaving the rootfs exclusively for the system..
This way you can also access the sample space when the SD is inserted in a windows machine.
Extending needs other method in this case, but that's explained on the site.

hansehv posted Jul 9 '22, 21:45:

Sorry, typo.
It should be :-)

Ludwig posted Jul 23 '22, 15:47:

thx a lot!! small things just can make happy ;)


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