an easy way to disable/enable wifi

florent posted Jul 20 '22, 16:00:

Is there an easy way to disable/enable the wifi without needing a hdmi cable and keyboard.
The Wifi is messing with my guitar's wireless receiver, I'd like to disable it but I also want to be able to enable it if I need to edit my samples.
Accessing the micro sd card with a mac or a linux computer to disable or enable the wifi would be great.
Even better, I would like to have a switch connected to a gpio to enable/disable wifi

florent posted Jul 22 '22, 13:42:

Well I found a way to do it :
I inserted the micro SD card on a linux computer, remount in read and write and edit the /boot/config.txt and added :
and I can comment this section if I want the wifi back.


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