Request: Multi-timbral Sampler

StefanT posted Jan 7, 14:26:

Hi there,
I‘m looking for a multi-timbral sampler in Hardware form at the moment. I stumbled across this project because I had a Pi 3 laying around.
What I‘m looking for is a small box that accompinies well with my Digitakt, so I can easily play/sequence chords from sampled instruments. I believe 4 timbres should be enough for a whole arrangement. these timbres could be easily accessed from Midi channel 1-4 I reckon.

Is that even possible or does this project already provide such a feature?


HansEhv posted Jan 16, 00:11:

Hi StefanT,
The samplerbox fork at has possibilities for multitimbral input.
Just have a look if that's indeed what you're looking for,

StefanT posted Jan 18, 22:09:

Hi Hans! yes, thanks, that might be just, what I was looking for! big big thanks


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