Success with RPi 4 8GB

streb2001 posted Apr 24 '23, 21:52:

Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, serial ttyAMA0 MIDI, USB3 memory stick, HifiBerry Lite DAC, 16x2 LCD, harpsichord sample set, Arturia Keystep as MIDI source.

Consistent 9ms latency (yes, nine milliseconds)! Measured between end of MIDI On bytes and start of sample playback using the Korg NTS-2 oscilloscope.

This is really nice work. Thank you for making this available.

Joseph posted Sep 11 '23, 15:17:

Wow, I am impressed your did a real latency measurement with an oscilloscope, good work!

Shoot me an email to the Contact address, I'll be happy to discuss!


Leslie posted Sep 18 '23, 17:17:

Arturia keystep, can you use the keyboard for changing program presets ? What midi signal is send ?


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