Ghost notes while playing

d-pi posted May 18 '23, 15:36:

Hello everyone! First of all thank you for this amazing work. I'm actually using samplerbox as a grand piano engine for my StudioLogic SL73. While playing, notes played before trigger twice after some delta-time. It is not deterministic and I'm trying to debug myself. I don't think could be the MIDI controller since with other piece of gear (pc and tablets) works fine.
More details:

  • RaspberryPi 4 - 4 GB of ram
  • Default install of Samplerbox through the img into the download section

Thanks for the support!

Kelly posted Oct 13 '23, 06:56:

I'm seeing this, too. Pi 4 4GB, M-Audio Keystation61 Mk3, default install.

Was really hoping the Pi could be a simple setup on stage for live performance, but SamplerBox doesn't seem to do it, with these ghost notes, anyway.

In my case, I'm not sure it's even notes played before, and the worst part is they are constant sustain until you find them and hit them again.

David Dawkins posted Nov 29 '23, 16:33:

I've just seen this too. I feel like midi traffic is being dropped (the note release?). I'm going to see if I can debug it.

David Dawkins posted Nov 29 '23, 22:41:

See the thread by AlexM about opening multiple MIDI channels - patching to use rtmidi2 seems to be the fix.


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