Can't load other samples

Kevin posted Jun 27 '23, 20:19:

Hi all, I've just built this based off the chromakinetics site instructions.

I've loaded samples onto the USB from the samplerbox site (folders complete with many .WAVs and a definition.txt file). I've created one "media" folder at the root of the USB and then placed the aforementioned folders labeled 0 Hammonds, 1 Mellotron, etc...

But when I navigate the presets menu (whether on the pirate audio DAC or via Wifi on the browser), it's still just the three saw presets...

I know this is an old forum + maybe this project is dying... (but I hope not, because it's still very needed!!) -- but does anyone have advice here?

Kevin posted Jun 27 '23, 20:21:

Other details:

  • I'm on Raspberry Pi 3B
  • Samplerbox distro: "Sbox20220206"
  • USB (Sandisk Ultra) is formatted FAT32

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