Add mouse functions ?

Leslie posted Aug 24, 11:11:

Love the samplerbox, would it be an idea to add mouse support ?
with the following functions :

  1. left and right mouse klick / go up and down for selecting samples presets
    ( for PROGRAM + / PROGRAM - )

  2. mouse wheel up and down scroll / for volume up and down control

I have an Arturia minilab 3 , it does not have a Program + / Program - control.
It would be great to have this on a mouse, everybody has a mouse right ?

Leslie posted Sep 3, 09:26:

In addition to this post, is there any other way to change presets ? ( Program + / Program - control ) For example maybe by using and hooking up a normal pc keyboard ? The MIDI message to change presets , is that on 11 channel ? I have a Arturia Minilab3 , maybe i could program assign some Bottons to use for program change presets, any one has the same keyboard and have succesfully used it ?


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