Pitch bending or pitch shifting?

Don posted Jun 9 '15, 02:37:

When you say pitch shifting, do mean real-time pitch bending or do you mean changing the pitch of an existing note to one of a missing note.

Or both?

remi posted Jun 9 '15, 15:46:

It means changing the pitch of an existing note to one of a missing note.
realtime pitch bending is not supported.

joseph posted Jun 9 '15, 16:24:

That's right, pitch bending is currently not supported. I will work on this suject in the next weeks. Any idea on how to implement it Remi?
The code is here: https://github.com/josephernest/SamplerBox

ethan posted Jun 11 '15, 18:07:

If it's sample-based, you'd probably need to implement a real-time pitch shifting algorithm to process the audio. Might be a lengthy process, but sounds like a fun challenge! Any experts?

joseph posted Jun 11 '15, 18:57:

Hi @ethan! Real-time pitch shifting is already implemented (see here), it is used when for example there is only C3.wav, E3.wav, G#3.wav, C4.wav, and you want to play a C#3 !

In such a situation, in this code, the speed variable will be different than 1.

The only thing to add when doing pitch bending is: have this speed variable change in real-time, according to some Pitch Bend Midi messages.

It will be a fun challenge indeed :)

Srijan Deshpande posted Jun 15 '15, 04:53:

This is a lovely project - I've been looking for something like this for a while!
I'm specifically interested in an instrument like this that can play alternate tunings such as just intonation.
It seems this should be possible to do with the samplerbox. Could someone throw some light on this? How might this be implemented?
Thank you!


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