First Octave 88 key midi keyboard not working in Samplerbox

Michel posted Nov 25 '15, 20:22:

Dear all,

I have succesfully installed Samplerbox to work with my M-Audio Keystation 88ES using the Grand Piano wave set from the tool.

All works fine with the piano except for the first octave on the keyboard. I tested with aseqdump -p 24 that the midi data is sent correctly to the Samplerbox. In fact midi note 21 to 34 are not working. Then from midi note 35 to 121 everything works as expected.

Anybody have a clue why this might be?

Thx Michel

Joseph: thousand thanx for saving my 150 year old piano, it has now been succesfully modernized :)

Michel posted Nov 26 '15, 11:07:

Hi everybody,

I found the solution myself in the mean time. Hopefully usefull for others.

In the code I changed the global variable globaltransponse from 0 to 12 (in two places in the code).

Now all the keys of the 88 keys keyboard are working.

Sax posted Feb 14 '16, 08:32:

Thank you Michel,

I had the same problem with my 88 keys master keyboard.

But I noticed that the global variable ‘globaltranspose’ is present only in the script '' downloaded from GitHub (lines 169, 270), not in the '' from root (iso)!

Very strange.. I had to replace that.

Xyleme posted Nov 26 '16, 20:14:

I'm planning to put a keystation 88es inside an old 1855 piano. Seems you've done something close to my project. Is it possible to have some picture of your project ?

Thanks for your share !

Elecmuso posted Nov 28 '16, 02:47:

I'd like to see that too!


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