Orange Pi

mirco posted Dec 2 '15, 11:53:

Hi guys
i have a problem with my orange, i would like to run a samplerbox program, but during python inizialization program orange return this error:
Opened audio: sysdefault
ALSA lib seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory
MidiInAlsa::initialize: error creating ALSA sequencer client object.
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'RtError'
what(): MidiInAlsa::initialize: error creating ALSA sequencer client object.
any idea ? in lsmod i didn't have any snd line

Mirco posted Dec 18 '15, 20:53:

Guys any news about this probprm on orange pi ?
Thanks Mirco

ciuradekk posted Mar 28 '20, 03:46:

´did you fixed the problem?

HansEhv posted Apr 5 '20, 02:43:

Consider that Samplerbox is a stripped down version of Debian for raspberry hardware.
The orange PI is fundamental different hardware.
As such very interesting (no pun intended), but not just a "simple problem" to resolve - it involves serious investigation.
It would be very valuable if someone is able to port SB to Orange. Sharing experiences with that might also contribute to porting SB to PI-4 as well :-)

Ayskura posted Apr 11 '20, 02:45:

in this forum I remmeber reading someone who made it work on Orange Pi, do some research here

Ayskura posted Apr 11 '20, 02:48:

I can't post links but if you look at

samplerbox. org/forum/373

remove spaces

there you have it

HansEhv posted Apr 11 '20, 18:00:

This shows that it's a matter of correctly specifying the audio.
So it will not contribute to the PI-4 actions, didn't think about that.
So thanks for pointing this out; narrows the area.

Kir posted Oct 23 '22, 03:57:

Hi guys!
I want to buy Orange Pi 3 (or 4?) to use as a sampler with SamplerBox.
Is it possible or not?


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